Baby number 4 to call your own! <3

The Adams Family is going their family by two feet. It was maternity session time for the family to get creative and freeze moments for baby M to look back on when he gets older. I remember the day each kiddo was born and the fun we had with great memories of them in the making.

First Id like to introduce you to Jenn and Alan and the journey to their fourth baby who is a BOY. It was so fitting that we took a photo in their house next to the quote beside them. "a perfect marriage is just two IMPERFECT PEOPLE who refuse to give up on each other. If that isn't more perfectly stated. Some people may think, FOUR BABIES... How do you do it.. Where I know it not how she as a mommy does it but how the two of them jive together to keep on their lives of LOVE.

This fantastic in home session we were able to capture some of the families favorite rooms in the house. And how perfect is this master bedroom. I love the cheek look of the flannel and the PERFECT light coming through the window. I was in heaven.

We took the littlest into her Elephant/Princess ROOM. How cute! And that RUG.. A personalized item in her room made by her cousin! There was a cute pillow to go with it too. Ahh I wish I had that talent! <3

Who doesnt LOVE a nerf gun wall and orange room! I think Kal could have kept me in their all day showing me and Addison (My daughter likes to come along to sessions sometimes and help with smiles) all of his super cool toys and gadgets.

The room that Addison just drooled over was the LOL/Kitty Cat room. Stuffed animals all over the place and just super fun stuff. This little ray of sunshine was so excited to show off her modeling posed and take the session into her own hands with creativity! <3

In a nutshell, I had a great time. The session was full of energy, smiles, giggles, a little do not this and wait not that.. But Hey how else are we going to enjoy everyones true beings. I wouldn't want it any other way! Never be afraid to show your true colors and be YOU!

Thank you again Jenn and Adam for yet another great session and I cant wait for Mr. M to arrive. <3

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