Edgerton High School Prom Ceremony 2019

Looking for Prom Ceremony Photos.. You have come to the right place!

May 4th, 2019 was Prom for Juniors at Edgerton High. I know this because my Nephew is a Junior! YAY! I have been meaning to take his photos at a dance of some sort since he entered high school. So when I was asked by my sister to volunteer for the Prom Court Ceremony I said, "Hell Yes!" I cleared my schedule and spend the entire day with my sister, nephew and his girlfriend Grace.

When I went to Prom we wore gorgeous dresses like these girls and got our hair and nails done too, but I never remember the extent to photos like we did this day! It was AMAZING! Of course I had to bring my side kick and Fancy Princess Addi Ray along the entire day!

They had a GREAT Group of kids gathered to document and celebrate this special day. I couldn't believe the turn out! The weather was perfect and the kids all looked amazing!

After we took photos for what seemed like hours to the kids I am sure.. They went off to dinner and we made our way to the high school! When I arrived the school looked amazing! The decorations were done by the staff, students and parents! (I am still wondering if the Pergola is for sale!)

So NOW for the Part you have all been waiting for! Ceremony Photos... Well there are way too many to post in this blog! SO SPOILER ALERT...Announcing King and Queen of the Edgerton High School 2019 PROM IS.....

Skyler & Kelsey!

For More Photos Please click on this link: https://rosephotographyllc.pixieset.com//edgertonhighschoolpromceremony2019/

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