Life's a Bee...

Here at the B Family Farm (really we are just hobbiest on Klug rd) we are raising Chickens, Turkeys, a bee hive and more adventures to come this spring.

Addison (My 5 year old daughter) is the lover of the chickens with her 3 year old brother following right behind her. Well a couple weeks ago we were cleaning out the coops and getting more ready for colder weather when my husband notices a baby chick with an infection in her foot. After doing some research we discovered that the infection is common in chicks and it is actually called BumbleFoot.

Bumblefoot is basically a staph infection in which bacteria enters a chicken's (or duck's) foot through a cut caused by a splinter or other sharp object and causes infection which can travel up the leg.

The easiest way to help the chicken is to clean her up with an epson salt bath, honey over the foot and bandage it. So that is what we did. Within one week (yes she lived in my bathroom in a kennel to stay warm and dry) we were able to move the baby chick back outside with her sisters! Welcome to our little hobby farm!

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