Meet My Tiny Tornados and two reasons why I do what I do!

Summer is a FUN time to document my children at their worst and even better at their BEST. I have two AMAZING kiddos that are just two years apart in age. Addison is 5 going on 15 and Calvin is 3 and staying my baby forever if I have a choice. I am not sure if many moms feel this way, but my kids get along great for the most part. They love to play with each other, read books together and really just learn from one another. I consider myself very LUCKY.

When I can I will always try and have my camera in my hand to capture moments like this random horse swing portrait collage. Calvin is very much an old soul. He Loves music and movement. He tells me many times a day how much he loves me and says, HI IM CALVIN to almost anyone that he meets and even knows and sees that day. He doesn't want you to forget him. How can you forget that blond hair, blue eyes... Handsome ball of energy. Thank God For Little BOYS.

Then you have Cal's big sister... The Firecracker... The Legend.... Her name sounds like a country singers record name... ADDI RAY BARNES. Some days I feel like this little girl needs to audition for Disneys next Princess movie as she has a way of memorizing anything and the spirit of a wildflower!

Her smile is contagious and her heart is as big as the sun! God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with this little baby girl as a first time momma. I prayed for her for years and almost gave up on having children of my own when it took nearly 3 years to get pregnant. God's Plan is oh so worth the wait. This little girl LOVES to ride horse and is a natural born swimmer. When I was ready to have kids, I wanted a little girl that took to ballet like I did when I was little. She does LOVE ballet and to dance/tiptoe almost anywhere. Although, she maybe more of my physical sports girls that a Ballerina. Either way, I am one proud MAMA.

She is a my mini ME! Sometimes that makes me question if I am parenting correctly. But then I remember that no amount of Love and Compassion is too much for your child. You can not spoil your kids with Emotional CARE. There's no such thing as too many hugs and an overload of kisses. I tell my children daily that I LOVE THEM, I am Proud of them and I believe that they can be whoever they want to be. We have real talks about life and they have experienced the circle of life more times in their life span already that I wished they had.

About a year ago, my husband and I found our forever home. A house on 3.5 acres in the country, where we can raise our children with outside chores and the experience of a sky full of stars at night that you would normally see in the city lights. These kids experience barn animals, bugs and more nose picking illnesses that we would like to. We have 15 chickens, 2 turkeys, 3 cats and two dogs. Next year we would like to maybe add a Cow or Goat to the family funny farm.

This Little Queen and I have experienced our first year of being a Bee Keeper. We chose not to extract our honey this year in hopes to help our bees survive the winter months and have an AMAZING harvest next year. Addison LOVES every adventure we take together and I can't wait to see how this little lady grows.

Long Post SHORT... My kids are my world. They have made me who I am today and I am forever grateful for that. My husband is my biggest supporter and I am BLESSED to be on his TEAM. Never forget to Life today like its your last. Document it along the way and never take anything for granted. We as parents set the road for our little to travel and I will always try my best to lead them down the right roads.

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