Milton, WI Homecoming 2019 Parade

I am not native to Milton, WI. I was born and raised in Madison and my husband, from Pleasant Prairie, WI. We get asked many times, what brought you to Milton? When we decided to buy a home 11 years ago, we first looked for the perfect starter house outside of Dane County (we both lived in Madison at the time.) Taxes in Dane are not cheap. So shortly after our journey began, we spotted a little house on Madison Ave. The first thing I looked into was the school district. We were far from planning our children, but I knew wherever we moved, I wanted it to be the start of our own ROOTS. Milton school district looked AMAZING. There wasn't anything I researched that I didn't approve of. So we put in an offer and a few months later began our journey to become TRUE Milton-ites. . Well this year is the year of proof...Bob and I feel like we've made Milton our home and I can't begin to express how blessed we are with the Milton School District. These photos are from MUMC 3K Classroom where our son and his classmates walked to see the Highschool Homecoming Parade. My daughter is also in Kindergarten this year (I was not able to photograph her class as they were down the street). We are BLESSED! I cannot wait to watch these little kids continue to grow into the best version of themselves. GO MILTON REDHAWKS!

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