Senior Photos| Let me tell you how I feel about these sessions

Edgerton, WI 2019

If you asked me what my "Photography Speciality" was I would have to say Families and Weddings. Although I took a break from Weddings for a few years while I had my babies, now that they are at a mature age I am getting back into the "I do's." I LOVE weddings and watching the couples journeys begin. Those Couples are what starts my Family Photography memories. BUT in 2019-2020 I have a nephew that is in his SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL. With that comes school dances, sports games and the task of his SENIOR PHOTOS. While I do not normally take on very many seniors, this year has beens o much fun!

There is no other way to explain why I don't specialize in Senior Portraits other than I just haven't had the opportunity come across me that gave me the chance to fall in love with this ART. I may tell myself I don't do seniors because of this and that... BUT REALLY I just never marketed my self for that cliental. I have learned this year that SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY is SUPER FUN.

I was scared to compete with talents that I know I will never dabble in. For example, taking your traditional image and photo shooting in so many photographers/graphic artist that can provide your child in a swimming pool with flames around them to show how Expressive their Senior Year is. I LOVE THOSE TYPES OF IMAGES, but for me I cannot deliver that art. I am your traditional/candid photographer that wants your image to hang on grandma's wall with your bright eyes displays for everyone to see.

Being able to continue the journeys for my families with their children going off to college is 1 in a Million. I will never just specialize in Senior Portraits. But I will offer this type of art to my families and friends if they trust me to be their photographer.

We can have fun and create images that stand out from others even without the tools of photoshop. We just have to use our own mind tools and have some fun! This is nothing but a black and white image and the eye of a dark School Hall. Let the real world show your story. Tell your dreams!

Senior Portraits... YES I offer them. You choose how many hours want to be in the session and what outfits you want to fit into the time you chose. I have print options and with each session you get ALL FINAL images in digital form from yours truly. I will also submit your photos to the yearbook for you with ease.

So New Clients or VIPS.. Have a kiddo coming up to their Senior year? Message me today to book your session. There is a lot of planning that goes into the day and I will help you along the way! Lets have some fun and remember the final school year for years to come!

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