Who am I? What makes me different from the 2019 New Born Photographers?

Linton Family| DeForest, WI 2019

Welcome to the world little lady. I had a studio commercial front for about 3-4 years in Milton, WI. There is where I took your brothers new born photos. When I decided to take the path of no studio front, I took the chance of my families moving on to another photographer with studio lighting and traditional props. This thought broke my heart and melted my passion just a little bit. I was stuck between a rock and a hard spot with making the choice to break free from the studio. Its been a little over a year now and I am BLESSED. I couldn't be more honest to capture your first milestones in the comfort of your own home. The ease it gave your family to not have to pack up and drive 40 minutes for a 2-3 hours NewBorn Session was a GIFT I didn't know I was going to be providing. I am so excited for the journey's of in home new born session. And your photos are PROOF of how AMAZING these moments are!

Watching you and your brother so comfortable in your nursery cuddling in the chair as he sang and rocked you to sleep was a moment I could only capture within your home. I very much believe I am a traditional photographer at heart. That statement doesn't mean that I produce cookie cutter images, but I believe that what I capture will remind you of your true moments. I do not compile multiple images to make the "Perfect" posed photo. What you see in your images, is what you designed your self ONLY! Those baby blue, perfect red lips and rosie cheeks are nothing that I enhanced, but what you and God have created!

That pose was all you baby! I didnt prop you or un-naturally position you for the moment. I want your followers to know how big you are and what my babies can do! So Thank YOU everyone who has trusted me to be your photographer. I am who you see, what you get is all Natural! So when you are looking for a Family Photographer... Think Rose Photography from Milton, WI. She will make your experience one to remember for a life time and the photos will also resemble your moments with me.

Thank you Sean and Danielle for an AMAZING new born session. The kids did great and I am honored to be a part of your families journey for the past 5 years.

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